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Box Gang Manufacturing is based out of Houston, TX and has a network of partner manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Canada.  Box Gang offers all types of waste, recycling & environmental handling equipment needs.  We build new equipment and can customize containers and compaction equipment for your individual needs.  With facilities throughout America, we offer competitive pricing for a wide variety of equipment, parts & services to provide the best overall value and experience.

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                Hurricane Harvey update...

                GOODBYE HARVEY!!!

                We at Box Gang Manufacturing are Houstonians and hope you & your family are safe!  Our plant is located on the north side

                of downtown near I-45 & 610. Being right in the heart of Houston, we feel very blessed & fortunate to have had only minimal

                damage to our offices from the flooding.  Although a few of our employees & their families are displaced due to their homes

                flooding they are all safe and staying with friends or family. Our office get some flooding and damage, but the heart of our

                operation (all of our production equipment) and property are safe, operable & dry!

                So now it is time for the clean up... We are very fortunate to have the support of our awesome employees and our independent                 manufacturers group to have lots of inventory available right away, so please let us know if you need any equipment for purchase.

                We have the following equipment available right away or within the next couple of weeks:

                                - 20, 30 & 40 yard opentop rolloff containers (HUNDREDS!)

                                - 25 yard water tight containers

                                - Rolloff trucks mounted with outside rail hoists & auto tarpers

                                - Rearload trucks

                                - Grapple trucks

                                - Replacement power units & parts for compactors

                Please call us at 713-742-5555 or email for more information.  If you need actual services, please contact

                your local hauler for more information.